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Re: Letter from Contractor

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What state is he talking about?  Do they have a building
code?  Do they have building inpectors (qualified ones)?
Just curious.

On 20 Apr 2006 at 9:31, Neil Moore wrote:

> Well, Brian, I don't have any problem understanding what he is 
> talking about.   A lot of us talk about this - but maybe not with the 
> rage that he's exhibiting.
> I see the TV pictures of the debris fields.   Maybe we shouldn't be 
> building residences with toothpicks, paper and pins!
> I see the TV pictures of the block masonry of the church down on the 
> ground.  I also see that there's no bar or grout.
> I see the TV pictures with the mobile homes gone and the people crying.
> I also see the people that are hurt and have lost everything, but I 
> know in my heart that in the end nothing will change.
> I'm going to leave off my TV set tonight so I don't have to see.
> Neil Moore, SE
> At 09:11 AM 4/20/2006, Brian K. Smith wrote:
> >Who is this and what is he talking about?
> >
> >bks
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> >Dude........5 miles north.....5 miles south..major winds in excess 
> >of 100mph...big ass 3' and calm...too 
> > was all isolated storm activity  they were 5 miles wide 
> >and just ripped through Gallitin...a little north and east of 
> >here..Hendersenville,johnny cash's home pounded too !! a 
> >car dealership was all smashed to 
> >pieces....unbelievable ! this new big ass subdivision got hammered 
> >too...some simple schooling on construction technique would prevent 
> >so much damage in the future ! I am compelled to write an 
> >article,albeit using a "nom d' plume" so I don't get my ass 
> >kicked,on  "why do you build like retards?  the norm here is to 
> >"look good" as opposed to "being good" or "built well"  all sizzle 
> >and no steak..I'll explain....foundations are just! 
> >strong...this is what holds up the works...NOT!..they build 
> >everywhere with hollow block cmu...nothing inherently wrong with 
> >that if you put some steel in it and fill it up with a high psi 
> >grout mix....nah..fuck that !! hollow...I mean nada ! so ....where 
> >are mechanical connection to the foundation......but....we 
> >put a really cool transition strip of trim to cover that joint ! 
> >wow..we even put some crown mould under the lip...behind all the 
> >brick veneer,,,no shearwall..just either 1/2 fibre sound board or 
> >1/2 foam insulation...a few wall ties and it looks awesome...but 
> >can't handle any to the mechanical 
> >connection tying the rafters to the big wind 
> >comes..the uplift at the eaves just peels off the whole roof 
> >structure..shot in with shorty 8 penny toenails...duh!!  so now we 
> >increase the debris field in the tornado to about 300yds with lots 
> >of wood flying around at 180 mph..not to mention starts 
> >rocking from the roof getting torn off and the foundation starts to 
> >shake from that..and it crumbles because there is no true 
> >support!!!  f__king hillbillies..people in church praying for the 
> >storm to dodge them...they should be praying for an engineer who 
> >actually gives a shit...wham... the whole church dumps on them..what 
> >to they cover on the news???? the f_king pastor say's the 
> >congregation wasn't praying hard enough....f__k you...your stinking 
> >red neck brother in law who build this piece of shit should be 
> >culpable because he did not nail it off correctly....wait a 
> >minute...there are people outside my house with torches and 
> >pitchforks...calling my name..... got to run....johnny lee
> >
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