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Re: Reinforcing for Anchor Bolt Breakout

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An older edition of ACI 349R suggested a hairpin reinforcing to carry the breakout capacity requirement. The hairpin is in the vertical plane and is placed in such a  way as to  cross the "breakout" plane.  The vertical leg of the hair pin is extended, at least, equal to its development length from the point where it crosses the surface of the breakout cone. Radius of the hairpin should be 8 times the hairpin bar diameter. The horizontal offset of the hairpin's vertical leg from the center line of the anchor rod should be one-third of the development length. If you are interested I will email you a pdf of that particular page from the code. The latest revision of ACI 349R does not have above information.


Rich Lewis <seaint03(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Are there any practical ways to reinforce a footing for concrete breakout of anchor bolts as defined in ACI appendix D, section 5.2?  If Break Out is the controlling factor in the design of the anchor, and I don’t want to design the footing thickness based on anchor bolts, what would be a reinforcing configuration to strengthen the breakout capacity?
Thanks for any insight.

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