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was: Re: Retaining Wall software survey : Proof?

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Subject: Re: Retaining Wall software survey
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I thought Retain Pro was full of Bugs?


I've used RetainPro for years and know the author of the software (not the actual programmer). When you state an opinion such as this, you create a doubt in the minds of those who are considering the software. So if you think there are bugs in the software, then please post your thoughts to give Hugh Brooks a chance to address your concerns. 
I believe that the software is sound and has been a standard for retaining wall design because it conforms with the hand calculated examples provided with the software. 
I am not trying to be obstinate on this issue, but attempting to show you how harmful your opinion, when stated publicly, can affect the possible sales of what many of us feel is an excellent software written by a respected engineer (Mike Brooks with the review and approval of his father Hugh Brooks, SE who is well known for his experience and knowledge in both retaining walls and tilt-up concrete and slender wall masonry). 
Please be specific on this issue to give the developer a chance to discuss the issue rather than throw out an opinion that others may take at face value. It is your opinion, but Hugh's livelihood. He deserves the chance to address your concerns.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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