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heritage building

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Do Canadians use the term "heritage" for a building of historical purpose (in the US "historical), that may have government protection from demolition or renovations?
Where are the cracks in the roof slab? Are there any in the center of the slab, parallel to the beams, where we may expect a tensile crack to form in a simple span? Did the cracks at the supports propogate to the top of the slab, if the slab was visible from the roof?
How bad would it be to remove the concrete slab and replace with a steel joist and deck system? Or take measures to support it from underneath?
Sounds interesting, it is sometimes a tough call to make on existing structures that are performing and convincing the masses that spending the money is necessary.
I just had a job where I was checking an existing floor slab for a new piece of medical equipment, and it was super close to the allowable... I was talking to my associate , we'd prefer it be way under (easiest), or way over where we have to add framing or strengthen it (additional service fee rqd)....
Andrew Kester, PE
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