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RE: IBC Fire Walls and Seismic Code

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Jim,  I think that if the wall has some lateral stiffness and strength,
then the load (from the collapsing structure) on the connections on the
cool side of the wall will be less than on the hot side, so I would
expect the break to occur on the hot side.  That is the only way I can
see that a weak link on each side of the wall will protect it from
following the collapsed side.

I certainly don't believe that a fire on one side that causes collapse
of that side will necessarily raise temperatures at the connection to
the wall.   The fire could originate in an apartment remote from the
firewall and burn a load-bearing wall that supports the remote end of
the joists framing into the firewall, before the firewall even starts to
get excited, let alone hot.  So I would not rely on melting the


PS, I take it that you are in Canada ?

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A question comes to mind that if the fire (away from the wall) causes a
collapse and the bolts on each side of the wall are under similar
temperature and stress, bolts on each side may break or melt at similar
times even though the desire is to have bolts only on the fire side
break or melt.

Jim K.

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