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RE: seismic text

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FEMA 450 is the 2003 NEHRP Provisions, which for all intents and purposes
is a non-"codified" (i.e. not written necessarily in code/mandatory
language) version of the seismic provisions in ASCE 7.  In other words,
much of what is in FEMA 450 will be very similar to what is in ASCE 7-05's
seismic sections.

FEMA 451 is the commentary for the NEHRP Provisions, which can also be
used to some degree as commentary for ASCE 7-05.

There was talk about 5 years ago that this relationship would change, but
I think that may have died a little bit.  The NEHRP Provisions fulfill two
basic roles: 1) they serve as a "breeding" ground for new seismis
ideas/methods that should eventually make it into use in design; and 2)
serve as a minimum seismic design document for the federal government to
use on federal projects (by Executive that was the case a while
ago).  The second role is what causes/keeps the NEHRP Provisions so
"close" to ASCE 7's seismic provisions...but there was talk that ASCE 7
Seismic Task Committee (STC) would take over the code provisions type
development and leave the "advancements" of seismic design to the NEHRP
committees.  As such, in theory, the NEHRP Provisions in theory where
going to stop "replicating" much of what was in ASCE 7 (i.e. code like
provisions) and just reference ASCE 7.  This would satisfy the Executive
Order (i.e. give the feds a seismic design document for fed projects).
Then all that would be in the NEHRP Provisions would be "state of the art"
recommendations/methods for seismis design.  That was the intent...just
don't know where it went.

But, the point is valid.  FEMA 450 and 451 (espescially 451) are good,
free documents to help understand the seismic provisions in ASCE 7/IBC.

As to texkbooks, I am not aware of anyone in particular that is especially
good, but most modern structural textbooks of any of the various design
materials will likely have a least a short (chapter or subpart of a
chapter) on seismic design/loading.  There are also textbooks that
"specialize" in seismic design issue, but for many it is not clear if they
have been updated for the latest seismic design methods (i.e. current or
reasonably current ASCE 7/IBC provisions).

Likely the best things to look into might be some the "study guide"
oriented books that are aimed at helping prepare for the CA/WA SE exams.
You will just need to find one that has been updated to current IBC/ASCE 7
provisions rather than 1997 UBC provisions.  There is a Seismic And Wind
Forces: Structural Design Examples, 2nd Edition available on the ICC
website that at least is up to date to the 2002 editions of ASCE 7, ACI
318, and the 2002 MSJC and 2003 IBC.  Also it looks like Williams' SEismic
Design of Buidlings and Bridges (available on Amazon) has been updated to
the 2003 IBC.

You will not find much, if anything up to the 2006 IBC/2005 ASCE 7 yet,
but stuff based upon the 2003 IBC/2002 ASCE 7 will be pretty darn close.


Adrian, MI

On Sat, 29 Apr 2006, Gary Loomis wrote:

> I strongly recommend a seminar that I recently attended in Richmond, Virginia.  Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering in the Central and Eastern US presented by Dr. Finley Charney and Dr. James Martin from Virginia Tech.  They not only explained the how's but the why's.  Both are involved with Center for Extreme Load Effects on Structures (CELES) and World Institute of Disaster Risk Management at VT.
> Dr. Charney has done 2 day and 4 day seminars on earthquake engineering (4 day for FEMA).  He has one scheduled for this fall in Washington, DC.
> Free documents include FEMA 350, 450, and 451.  All you need to do is call and request the documents and request a CD.  (800) 480-2520.  FEMA 350 discusses the Northridge earthquake.  My understanding is 450 provides the requirements similar to ASCE 7 and 451 is a commentary.  I have not seen the documents, only heard this.
> Dr. Charney is tasked with writing a commentary for ASCE 7 I think.
> Hope this helps.
> Gary Loomis, PE
> Master Engineers and Designers, Inc.
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> Subject: seismic text
> Does anyone have a recommendation on a text book for seismic design per ASCE 7?  I searched the SEAINT archives but came up with no hits.
> JPRiley
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