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Re: elevator support / walls requirements

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        You're in luck.  I just happen to be in the middle of designing an elevator shaft right now.  What I have to work with is a set of elevator manufacturer's shop drawings.  These drawings indicate all loads, shaft dimensions, and just about everything you should need to know about the elevator.  Your building code in force probably tells you what minimum impact factor(s) you need to consider for designing the supporting components of the building.  But that's only the beginning!!
        You have a whole lot of loading that may (or may not) be applied to the elevator shaft by the building.  To assess that loading you need to answer the following questions.
  1. Are the elevator walls acting as bearing walls to support the floors of your building and if so what are the loads from each level on each wall of the elevator shaft?
  2. Are the elevator shaft walls acting as shear walls to provide lateral support for the building and if so what are the loads from each level on each wall of the elevator shaft?
        If you're evaluating an existing installation the elevator manufacturer and the service company providing services usually have good filing systems (good as in keeping the information for a long long time).
        Evaluating the lateral loads from the building may require you to completely analyze the building's entire lateral load resisting system.
        Hope this helps.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2006 8:17 PM
Subject: elevator support / walls requirements

I have been asked to evaluate some walls that support an elevator for an industrial client. 
Are their specific codes (aside from IBC) that are typically used for elevator's design criteria?
Are there any guides / reference materials likewise you could recommend?

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