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Re: Welding in Freezers

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On Apr 30, 2006, at 11:35 AM, Gary Loomis wrote:

AWS says below 32F, but is there a limit to how far below. And that is my concern. Although if the welds are inspected/tested and pass, is that acceptable by itself.
Not to rain on your parade but you're playing around with Code phraseology and not addressing the real problem, which is insuring that there are no more failures. If there are problems after you're done, whether or not your repairs are involved, you've made yourself part of the situation, so you should give some thought to the source of the problem and how you'll guarantee an outcome. You really can't afford to assume much of anything, before you know what's already in place.

What's in place are welds with quality issues and racks which have collapsed resulting in a fatality. The racks are subject to impact and cyclic loading and they're operating in a temperature regime where brittle fracture is a given for A-36. My experience with repair welding is almost universally bad, particularly with quick-fix maintenance by people who aren't really welders. There's nothing like poor welding to bring on brittle fracture. You shouldn't be looking at minimum standards for a fix--the standards already resorted to in design and maintenance may not have been enough. If that's the case, the problems are just going to continue.

You can't address these by quibbling with Code provisions. The fact is that you can't inspect quality into bad welds or bad design. Moreover, the AWS provisions you cite are predicated on a certain minimum level of weld quality that you can't assume exists, given the maintenance experience. Scratching around the wording of obvious Code provisions is going to be the least of your problems.

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