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Re: T1-11 siding

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I agree with Bob Freeman's comments.  In addition I'd like to add that the T1-11 I've seen, that people want to cover up, is in pretty poor shape and often has nails that have extricated themselves, apparently due to temperature cycling.  They're sticking 3/4 out of the plywood.  In order to resolve the issues Bob mentions you would have to remove the siding.  Then you'll need to renail the siding to seismic/wind standards.  And you still end up with plywood that was made to be siding, not the Structural I grade that's recommended for shear walls around here.  And it would only be adequate for low shears due to the typical 2x framing behind it.  And I think you'd always wonder if the new nails hit the studs. 

I suppose all this might work in low seismic areas, but in my high seismic area I've never seen it done and feel the best solution is to remove the T1-11, make whatever improvements are needed to the framing, apply proper new structural sheathing, then add stucco or whatever finish is desired.

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

In a message dated 5/1/06 11:20:19 AM, gmadden(--nospam--at) writes:
I just received plans to do some minor upgrades to an existing home. The contractor who sent me the plans indicates that they are going to place stucco over existing T1-11 exterior siding on the upper level two levels of the residence as one part of the modifications. I know there are some drawbacks with T1-11 that are escaping me at this point, but IIRC, they are likely due to exposure to the weather. I realize that the increased weight of the stucco (10 psf) to the walls will increase the seismic load, but I don’t think by that much. The home was built to the 1973 UBC.
I’m hoping someone can direct me to some information or can share their thoughts on:
Shear values for T1-11
Summary of the historic problems with T1-11
How to visually observe if these problems are present
Suitability of placing stucco over the T1-11

I’m just in the proposal phase at this point, and don’t have much except a few pictures and the original plans. It was 5/8” T1-11, can’t seem to find any nail spacings on the drawings.