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Re: CA Exam Requirements in '07

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Jake seems to be referring to the Special Civil Seismic exam (for the PE in
CA) which is currently based on the CBC.  It might take BORPELS
( about 6 months to 1 year to test on the new exam after
its implementation.  Since IBC is a major change BORPELS might need time to
change their exams.

If I remember the 1997 UBC which was a major update came into effect in CA
as 1998 CBC and was adopted around June 1998.  The new format of the exam
was used in Oct 1999 or even later.

Based on this scenario, if the 2007 CBC is mandated by June 2007 (which does
not seem to the case), it might not be until oct 2008 for the change in

Since the release date of the CBC is unknown, even the Board cannot possibly
provide a better answer.  You might try to contact them at (from )
Staff Engineers
Susan Christ, P.E. (Civil) - (916) 263-2247 or Susan_Christ(--nospam--at)

I would suggest that you give a shot at it now rather than wait another 2
years unless you are trying for the SE license.  The basic is still the
same, it is just the route to get to it is being changed in the IBC.

Hope this helps.

- Aswin
Aswin Rangswamy, P.E.
Los Angeles, California

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> Jake:
> It is my understanding that it is expected that the IBC will go into
> effect in 08 in California.   Also, there's a young engineer taking
> his CE exam soon and he informed me that he would be tested on the IBC.
> Neil Moore, SE, SECB
> At 11:12 AM 5/1/2006, you wrote:
> >I realize this will likely be speculation, but does anyone know what
> >CA will do with seismic exam requirements after they shift to the
> >IBC in '07?  Will they still have a special seismic exam (based on
> >the IBC instead of UBC?) Or will the UBC exam likely stick around
> >for a few years?  I am considering get a CA license and basically
> >work in IBC land.  I would like to avoid re-learning something that
> >will be "obsolete" 2 months after I take the test.
> >
> >Jake Watson, P.E.
> >Salt Lake City, UT
> >

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