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Re: Machine vs. Human

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The day of this happening is coming closer rapidly.  Both Autodesk and Bentley are investing heavily in the BIM modeling.  What you use to do in Autocad / Architectural Desktop is moving to "Revit" by Autodesk, their BIM 3D software (you may have seen flyers to upgrade your autocad/architectural desktop software to Revit).  Not sure how Bentley's Microstation does the BIM.
The architect creates the 3D cad BIM model. Within the BIM model are various layers, some of which are for structural framing layout. You can go in and assign elements, loads, etc to be part of your lateral resisting system, and with a flip of a switch, you see your ETABS or RISA 3D computer model ready to execute (I am sure there are still some things you need to set up..can't believe its that easy).  ETABS, RISA are already linked to Revit internally so your analysis results can immediately be updated in the framing layers in the 3D BIM model.  Structural framing plans are then plotted from the 3D model as well as building cross sections showing all framing members.  I guess we will still have some separate drawing for sections and details, 
RamFrame and STAD are currently linked to Bentley's BIM Software  and RAMFrame will have a link to Revit in the future.  MEP engineers have their own layers, and undoubtedly have their own software links to speed up their design process as well. Of course the steel fabricator, and probably the concrete precast people as well, can get information that can read directly into their cad detailing packages.
As engineers, we now have a new learning curve to implement using the Revit or Bentley BIM software packages.  I am sure there is someone here that's much more familiar with Revit and Bentley's BIM Software packages and could do a better explanation of this.
Mike Cochran S.E. SECB
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I think it is in progress now.  Some call it BIM, Building Information Modelling.  The Engineer prepares his 3-d computer model (in Staad or whatever).  When member sizes and structural performance is satisfactory, he gives the files to the steel detailer, who, using a program like SDS, can prepare fabrication and erection drawings directly from the Staad files. 


I don't know where the architectural is during this process.  Maybe we've lost the architects along the way? 


Bob Garner, S.E.


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Subject: Machine vs. Human




When do you think that  ‘machines’ will replace human being’s works?


I am working in the precast concrete industry.

Recently I noticed some engineers and companies had been developing softwares,

 which may change whole construction business environments.

Many people believe  these programs, using 3-D model,  generate all shop drawings (drafting and checking)

including  engineering design/calculation, and BOMs, when required data are entered.


When do you think that this ‘holistic’ system is possible?

How much do you think these efforts have been accomplished?


PS: Personally I would like to hear those who are very familiar with European construction market,

because I believe this is happening in Europe first, if this is possible in near future.