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what clients should know

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I just got this hot ad for a seminar!! I real need to sell the very very old fact, the code is to protect people not dwelling. I hope to hear lots of feed back, design methods, economic analysis, and conclusions. And just think about the UMB braced owners. Shouldn't I send reminders to my old UMB clients?

I am an old SF designer (50 something) now in Sacramento where there "are no earthquakes" a long drive but if I can find an old client, now friend, to have a coffee with, I might just go!

I usually ignore the recent seminars. The costs exceed $200, the calling is filled with mysterious "I'm smarter than you"s, selling the new international code only in USA,the money goes back East and I'd be better off studying the text.

$20---- is this for real?

SEAONC's Continuing Education Committee will be holding its next mini-seminar on Tuesday, May 23 from 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Potential of PBEE in the Selection and Comparative Performance of Structural Systems

Presented by: Ron Mayes - SGH Inc.

The design philosophy of current building codes as given in its commentary states: "These provisions are intended to safeguard against major failures and loss of life, NOT to limit damage, maintain functions, or provide for easy repairs." This often comes as a surprise to many building owners, who believe they are getting an "earthquake proof" building when they hire a competent structural engineer to design a code conforming building.

David B. Merrick, Structural Engineer

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