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RE: Admixtures for Concrete Clarifier Tank - fly ash

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I would have to disagree with using 15% as the "maximum" for fly ash
content.  Actually, I use 15% as a "minimum" when fly ash is used and
25% as the maximum.  In some tests, fly ash has had a detrimental effect
on sulfate resistance of concrete when less than 15% fly ash was used,
but sulfate resistance was improved when the content was in excess of
15%.  (I've recently heard that the lower limit should be 20%.) 

I normally use fly ash as a 1:1 replacement for cement.  Although I have
not yet adopted changes in curing requirements (from 7 days curing time)
when fly ash is used vs straight cement, I have sometimes toyed with the
idea of extending curing time to 10 days or more due to the slower
strength gain of fly ash. 

William C. Sherman, PE 
(Bill Sherman) 
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> Subject: RE: Admixtures for Concrete Clarifier Tank - further thoughts
> One other thing to note with the fly ash is you should take 
> enough test cylinders to do a 56 day break also. I have had 
> some tests fail on 28 day breaks but did fine after 56 days. 
> . I agree with 15% as a maximum limit although I thought that 
> was a 1:1 replacment by mass. I will have to check with the 
> supplier next time...
> Kevin 
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> Subject: Re: Admixtures for Concrete Clarifier Tank - further thoughts
> Dave,
> By "Old School", I mean that there are many that trade out F 
> ash at a 1 to 1 and don't limit the maximum to 15%.  I have 
> just had good luck with the 1.5 to 1 and 15% max.
> I think that if you try these limitations with F ash, you 
> will find that you have better performance in the plastic 
> state, setting, and the hardened state.
> Regards,
> Harold Sprague

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