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Re: what clients should know

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Wow, Dave, put the coffee down. I think that may have been one of the most difficult to read posts (that wasn't spam) on this group in quite some time.

Still, it's an interesting point to debate. Most owners expect that an SE will design their building to "survive" an environmental event, not simply protect life, although I've always been under the impression that seismic is the only area in which the "failure" of the structure to save lives is acceptable. Still, there are so many caveats to this that most owners who would otherwise accept a structural engineer's services might instead forego them if they knew all of the limitations.

Then again, maybe its more like car insurance - the state demands you have it to protect/insure everyone else, not necessarily the owner.


David Merrick wrote:

I just got this hot ad for a seminar!! I real need to sell the very very old fact, the code is to protect people not dwelling. I hope to hear lots of feed back, design methods, economic analysis, and conclusions. And just think about the UMB braced owners. Shouldn't I send reminders to my old UMB clients?

I am an old SF designer (50 something) now in Sacramento where there "are no earthquakes" a long drive but if I can find an old client, now friend, to have a coffee with, I might just go!

I usually ignore the recent seminars. The costs exceed $200, the calling is filled with mysterious "I'm smarter than you"s, selling the new international code only in USA,the money goes back East and I'd be better off studying the text.

$20---- is this for real?

SEAONC's Continuing Education Committee will be holding its next mini-seminar on Tuesday, May 23 from 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Potential of PBEE in the Selection and Comparative Performance of Structural Systems

Presented by: Ron Mayes - SGH Inc.

The design philosophy of current building codes as given in its commentary states: "These provisions are intended to safeguard against major failures and loss of life, NOT to limit damage, maintain functions, or provide for easy repairs." This often comes as a surprise to many building owners, who believe they are getting an "earthquake proof" building when they hire a competent structural engineer to design a code conforming building.

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