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Re: Hip Roof Questions (conventional wood framing)

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2003 IBC Section 2308.10 gives some guidance on when a hip, ridge, or valley is a true beam.  It is my opinion that these are the areas that need posts.  Anything steeper is just conventional framing, as long as you meet the requirements for tying the plates together to handle the thrust. 
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Subject: Hip Roof Questions (conventional wood framing)

Dear Listers,

I am in a quandry, and have been here for some time.  I have seen many hip
roofs, even some with a valley intersecting where the hip hits the ridge,
constructed without a post. 

I normally calculate all hips as beams and all valleys as beams (the
procedue I uses shows that a valley beam receives twice the load of a hip).
I always design a post to support the end reaction of the hip and/or valley

This is long-winded, but I am getting to it.  Could someone please tell me,
based on the code, when it is OK not to support a hip, or a valley, with a
post?  A parallel question is: when is a hip a hip board, and not a hip



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