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Re: Hip Roof Questions (conventional wood framing)

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I've been following this, and just went back to reread your original post. Are you looking for a prescriptive design, or simply code-based guidance for an engineered hip?


Donald R. Bryant, PE wrote:

Dear Listers,

I am in a quandry, and have been here for some time.  I have seen many hip
roofs, even some with a valley intersecting where the hip hits the ridge,
constructed without a post.
I normally calculate all hips as beams and all valleys as beams (the
procedue I uses shows that a valley beam receives twice the load of a hip).
I always design a post to support the end reaction of the hip and/or valley

This is long-winded, but I am getting to it.  Could someone please tell me,
based on the code, when it is OK not to support a hip, or a valley, with a
post?  A parallel question is: when is a hip a hip board, and not a hip



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