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RE: 1960s wind load

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It is possible that this refinery was designed in conformance with "Wind Forces on Structures", ASCE paper no. 3269, which may be found in the ASCE "TRANSACTIONS", Vol. 126, Part II, page 1124.

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At 07:50 AM 5/10/2006, Polhemus, Bill wrote:
If he?s trying to determine if a refinery structure built ?in the 60s? was designed in adequately, then he needs to use the design criteria prevailing in the 1960s.
If he?s trying to determine if the structure is adequate as of right now, he needs to use current criteria­although what load to use would definitely be the lesser of your worries in that case.
The ?old? ANSI A 58.1 standard is the precursor to the current ASCE 7. However, I suspect that some uniform pressure due to wind was used originally, as there was not much at all in the way of design criteria for non-building structures at that time. When I was with Brown & Root back in the 1980s, we used internal standard documents for wind design for refinery vessel loads, pipe racks, etc.

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Should the current wind design criteria be followed?
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Subject: 1960s wind load

Can anybody give some reference or guidelines about wind speed, ASCE guidelines used for
Houston area (refinery structure) in 1960's.      Need to analyse a structure built in 1960s.


Ravi Vasu


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