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RE: Welding nut to anchor rod

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Title: Welding nut to anchor rod
This detail is also discussed in the Steel Interchange section of the May 2006 issue of Modern Steel Construction (current issue).  It also mentions some cautions regarding tack welding of nuts.  I was once told by a materials engineer not to tack weld the nut, since proper preheat likely will not be used. 

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Subject: RE: Welding nut to anchor rod

This recommendation is for the nut embedded in the concrete at the bottom of an anchor rod used in the threaded/nutted bottom configuration (not a headed rod). It is based upon field experience with installation of the nut at the top on such rod configurations. It is relatively easy to break the bond and spin the whole rod in the embedded nut. A simple tack weld of the nut to the projection of the rod below the nut will help prevent this, since it make the assembly function more like a headed rod when the top nut is installed.





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Subject: Welding nut to anchor rod


The following sentence is on Page 14-10, of the Steel Construction Manual, 13th edition, in a paragraph about anchor rods:  "The nut should be welded to the rod to prevent the rod from turning out when the top nut is tightened."

With respect to F1554-99 anchor bolts, does anyone know what the above statement is based on, i.e., theory, tests, opinion, what???

Thanks in advance.

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