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RE: Nonlinear Static Analysis of RC buildings

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There are a no. of software’s which performs nonlinear analysis of RC structures such as ABAQAS, NASTRAN, ANSYS etc.

I worked in ABAQUS and its good. It takes care of  3D distribution of rebar. There are solid elements which you can make 3D analysis.






From: Carlos Avila [mailto:cavila67(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2006 8:51 AM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Nonlinear Static Analysis of RC buildings


Dear friends

I have a question regarding the Nonlinear Analysis of RC buildings.


Is there any structural analysis software performing Nonlinear Static Analysis of RC buildings?

I know that Etabs or SAP2000 are able to run a Pushover based analysis, but in my opinion this type of analysis is suitable for steel structures, since  plasticity and fracture in concrete are !some how! distributed over an element rather than located on an specific section (plastic hinge).


If the softare exists is it able to account for the 3D distribution of reinforcement and its contribution in the nonlinear response of the structure?


On the other hand, codes allows a static linear analysis but a design based in the nonlinear material response. How this two things are made compatible?

For a lateral force procedure, the amplification of the elastic acceleration response spectrum by the  seismic response Importance factor (Ie) and the reduction by the response modification factor(R) can represent approximately the inelastic structural response.


If lateral loads are not considere what kind of factor(s) should be included in the analysis of RC buildings to make it compatible linear analysis vs nonlinear design?


I have some reserach interest in this matters, I am so sorry if it is out of focus of the professional practice.


Any explanation is really welcome, many thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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