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Attic ventilation from fans

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I am working on a project where the stairwell landings of a series of buildings have dry-rot from repeated soakings from rain and snow. The buildings have little overhang at the eaves which is part of the problem and we are including a fix to extend the eaves to keep water away from the building. When sticking my head up in the attic space, there was a musty smell with some minor spots of mold. There is some minor eave venting at the stairwells and small vertical gable end vents, but the attic space is insufficiently vented. After the original construction, there was an attempt to add increased attic ventilation with the installation of the vertical spherical fans found on top of buildings. The turbines don't appear to be powered and get more active as the day gets longer and the sun heats up the attic space. Does anyone have an idea on how to calculate affects of fans with respect to IBC 2000 section 1203 on ventilation? There is a vapor retarder between the ceiling and the insulation, so the net free ventilating area is 1/300 of the area of the space ventilated. I can calculate the eave and gable end venting areas, but am stuck on the turbines.

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