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Super Note Tab and Tiny Spell

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I use plenty of freebies for most of the routine
It's years since I last used MS Word.
I type all mails and text using my old favorite Super
Note Tab editor which I down loaded from the net quite
a few years ago.
This is far superior to Note Pad or even Word Pad.
Your file size can be practically limitless (16GB?)
The partial loading that happens with notepad does not
happen here.

I simultaneously handle several text files, sometimes
6 or seven at time and I keep them all open at the
same time.
The file names are indicated in tabs at the screen
To switch from one file to another  I just click on
the appropriate tab much like you do in Autocad when
several drawings are open at the same time.

Super Note Tab does almost everything I need to do
when working with plain text.
It handles HTML too, though I never needed it.
There are plenty of other interesting things it can
do, which I don't use.
It even calculates simple formulas, allows sorting,
joining of lines, breaking of lines of text, matches
brackets, allows boiler plate text, has font and text
size options, has screen background and text color
options, second window option, allows  using a file as
a paste board, supports clip book libraries and even
calculates expressions.

The professional version can do more.
It doesn't require "installation". 
Just copy a set of files and click on the exe file to
run it.
All the files add up to about 2 MB.
It loads in a flash and never hangs.

The only thing I badly missed in the free version of
this software was a spell checker.

This week I happened upon Tiny Spell.
This is a cute little utility.
Just about 548 k in size.
Works with Win 98 upto Win XP.
Install it and enable it.
Installation takes just about 5 seconds.

Tiny Spell resides in memory and is visible as a small
icon at the bottom.
It has a built in 100,000 word dictionary and monitors
your typing on the fly and beeps when you mispell a
word, whatever the application.(Remember to keep the
speaker on. You won't hear the software protesting if
you muzzle it).
It is an excellent partner to my Super Note Tab text

If you are a habitual mispeller and just don't care,
and you find the beeps annoying, you can tell Tiny
spell to "Just shut up" or even "Get lost" by right
cliking on the icon and temporarily diasbling it.
Other options like adding your own words, or
abbrevations (like dwg for drawing) to its dictionary
are also available.
This will make it pipe down and allow you to use your
own lingo instead of making a nuisance of itself
protesting each time you depart from standard English

There are two versions.
The plain vanilla free version is for freebie lovers
like me with everything that most of us need most of
the time. 
The professional version comes with some extra teeth
if you are prepared to unclench your tight fists and 
part with a few petty dollars.
Strongly recommended.

Here are the details from Deccan Herald (A Bangalore
daily newspaper)

TinySpell (548 KB)

Monitors typing on the fly and alerts misspelled word,
any windows application. Built-in American-English
of 110,000+ words.

TinySpell v1.3,

If any one is interested in Super Note tab, mail me
I don't remember where in Cyber space I got it from.
I've been using it for nearly 5 years now and haven't
upgraded to updated versions that may be available

I can zip and mail the files to those interested.


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