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attic fans

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Where is this project? Climate has a lot to do with it, I would think. Also, an ME should probably be involved or an architect when dealing with ventilation and air flow issues....
I would also let the owner/client know in writing that you detected "signs of possible fungal growth and you recommend a qualified inspector perform a mold investigation". This is a big liability issue, and I see it all the time down here in the jungle climate of FL. I do a lot of forensic work and even though it is out of my scope I always mention it in my report so that I have at least made the owner aware of it (CYA)....
Another possible solution is to have the attic insulated using spray on foam. They spray the underside of the roof deck in between the trusses. They use an expandable foam similar to the builders foam they sell in cans to seal cracks, etc. They have soy based foam now that is eco sensitive.  I know builders that do this and they do not vent the roof after this, they throw a duct up in the attic and the building is then cooled/heated to the roof surface. They can use a smaller AC unit because your R rating is huge.
Andrew Kester, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
Lake Mary, FL