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Wood Shear Walls at Skewed lines

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The IBC and the IRC Codes do not address the skewed braced or shear walls and there are no prescriptive provisions for continuity of loads at corners nor there are any details that address the shear flow of lateral loads that may need to be transferred at corners to resist the always present torsional loads due to winds acting nor parallel to the direction of wind or seismic loads along the braced and shear walls.

I believe is about time that something is included in the IBC and IRC codes to address this issue. Perhaps the Engineering Schools could promote some type of not so expensive research of wood frame construction to resist twisting loads, or perhaps promote some type of contest for the strongest wall construction that would resist some type of twisting loads, similar to the Concrete Canoe Contest.

There is so much devastation due to hurricanes and earthquakes in wood construction that is a shame to see millions of dollars just thrown down to the ground because there are no provisions that at least would bring the level of wood framing construction better resistant to lateral twisting loads.

It would be good to see more constructive contributions to this subject from the builders, code people, and the engineering schools specially those in the states where the hurricanes and seismic events are more devastating. More Testing of wall corners to better resist and transfer lateral twisting loads is needed !!!!!!

Just something to start this discussion subject.

Dr. Pedro R. Munoz, P.E.

Newburyport, MA