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RE: Curved Shear Wall

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Saw "expansion joint" lines down the length of it parallel to each other in the short direction at 6" - 9" oc and bend it.  Plywood has a strong direction and a weak direction.  Wetting it helps too.  I don't think you'd want to do this with OSB.  As long as you get the proper nail penetration at the studs you should have the same shear capacity, theoretically.


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Hi, Yi Yang,
By your name, I guess you are a Chinese. If so, give me a reply. I am a Chinese and a structural engineer working in new york for years.
Your question is an interesting one. My thinking is to find the shear center of the curved shear wall. I guess this wall will work with other walls also. so the shear wall is part of the shear resistant system of the building. If it is a low rise building. I have some thing for you.
Wayne Du (Du, Wei)
Yi Yang <YI(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Can anyone point me to some references for curved plywood shear wall design?
Ans how do you "curve" the plywood for the shear wall?
Anotnio S. Luisoni
Conulting S.E.
Granada Hill, CA