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Sand bed

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We are working on a plant maintenance job, for which a 400MT crane
(crawler type) would be used over exiting plant paving.
There are concrete trench(for cable), couple of U/G piping, one Manhole
falls in the working zone of this crane. We are proposing a 350mm thick
sand bed over which 4" thick wooden planks as spreaders below crawler to
be used. The bed is surrounded by concrete retaining blocks for
controlling sand displacement.

I have following questions,  

1.	The pressure from crane at bottom of crawler is about 13.5
t/sq.m,  I consider the sand is incompressible, hence only the pressure
on paving was checked by determining the depth of the sand bed. Is that
2.	Is there any method to compact sand?? (I could only think of
water spaying while the bed is formed in layer of 3 to 4". )

Any suggestions or references are welcome.  

Thanks in advance, 

Lakshmana RK Nukala

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