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Re: Attic ventilation from fans - to jet engines -- to steam locomotives :)

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And I'll admit to a tiny bit of confusion about why the steam that drives the pistons that drive the wheels that drive a steam locomotive *always* goes in the right direction and doesn't just come back out of the rear end and scald the engineer, or at least just push the water back into the tender ("coal car").  :)


In a message dated 5/17/06 10:44:28 AM, jpriley485(--nospam--at) writes:
"The thing that's thrusted against is the inside of the engine. The
products of combustion (mostly hot air) accelerate out of the engine
nozzle. The reaction to the force which accelerates the combustion
products backward pushes the engine (and the attached airplane)

I understand that something has to be thrust against.  My problem is that a "simple" jet engine has been described to me as a tube open at both ends, except that the front end has "fans" that compress the gases within the combustion zone.  Ignition, which is evidently continuous, causes the expanding gases to exit to the rear through "fans" that drive the front "fans" via a shaft.  Seems like getting something for nothing.  Why don't the expanding gases exit through the front?

Is the concept that the tube is open at both ends incorrect?