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Re: Bow String Truss

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Go buy one of these, it's a laser measurement device, good up to 100', accurate to 1/4", and under $100 shipped.  I picked one up for a job where I had to measure an 8000SF two story church educational building that was a bit like a rabbit warren.  Did the whole thing in 7 hours with one helper.  It easily paid for itself on that one job, and it's in my site bag and gets used on practically every job now. Ceiling heights, beam spans, you name it. It's also got a +/- function, so you could shoot the ceiling, then hit the +/- button and shoot the bottom of the truss (in case you're worried about doing the math ;-)

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Flash!  How about a balloon on a string?  :)


Is there a standard rise to run ratio that most bow string trusses would use?  I can’t find anything regarding this in my text books.  I have a hanger with a 120 ft. clear span.  I eyeball the truss height at 15-16 feet.  It would take rental of a lift to verify it.  I want to check the wind load on the building and would like to find a good approximation of the height.  The truss is fabricated from pipe.
Thanks for any insight you may be able to give.
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