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Re: Attic ventilation from fans - to jet engines -- to steam locomotives :)

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 Is the concept that the tube is open at both ends incorrect?
The concept that both ends of a jet engine are open is correct. The front end is open to allow air in and the back is open to allow the same air plus some combustion products out. There is also a turbine powered compressor and some burners in between. A ram jet is pretty much open all the way through--it uses the velocity of the air to compress itself inside the engine instead of a compressor, which is why it won't work at low speeds. A clever variation is the pulse jet engine which burns intermittently. There's a shutter in the front that lets incoming air through. The incoming air gets a squirt of fuel which burns and increases the pressure enough to close the shutter; then the heater air is forced out the exhaust until the pressure drops off until the shutter re-opens and lets the cycle begin again. They make an odd buzzing noise, which is why the V-1 flying bombs were called buzz bombs.

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