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I bought a copy of TEDDS. I could see that, if I mastered it, I would be better off.

I never made the effort, The pre-made routines were not freely available. I didn't seem right paying for a TEDDS routine that I had on my Excel and free Excel routines can be found on the net. Each time I needed some calcs I spent my learning time studying the code and it's annoying perpetual changes and charges for updates. Running out of time, I would go back to my excel spread sheets and scanning of hand calcs. I like tying spread sheet results to autocad note schedules. I am set.

Open, open and open. Save your dollars.

Try "Open Office". Sun micro systems is giving out a whole office suite for free called "Open Office". The formats are nearly identical to Microsoft's word, excel, powerpoint and access. It also has a replacement for mathcadddd!! So far, the files are compatible with MS. The same commands exist except that they are labeled differently. Some of the fonts are different. Go and down load it. Get rid of MSoffice. Do get the mathcad look alike called "Math"

Get rid of your email and internet explorer and use the free: Mozilla Software's FireFox for internet and use Thunderbird for email.

Get rid of Mc-Decaff virus protection and use a free Clamwin Antivirus.

Get the free Lavasoft's AD-Ware SE Personal for antispyware.

What I need to do is to get involved with

There is a need for an "Open Code" A code book was the cost of the printing and binding. how is it that a CD could cost so much? Why is it that someone now over charges for what so many engineers volunteered to develop at no cost? Engineers on the net could developed a comprehensive design guide that complies with all design and construction laws, call it "open code". I will start it maybe this week-end. My first target will be PTSOG. It will be on

David B. Merrick, Structural Engineer

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