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RE: hold downs at perforated shear wall

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You don't "adjust the sum of the lengths of the..."
You use the full length of the wall as the moment resisting arm.  You only make adjustments with the table for shear nailing capacity.


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Subject: hold downs at perforated shear wall

When using the “perforated shear wall” method of design.  The hold down force at the ends of the wall is calculated by dividing the overturning moment to the wall by an adjusted sum of the lengths of the individual lengths of full height segments.  Is this hold down force required even if there is adequate dl to restrain overturning?  And then how is the resisting moment calculated?  Seems kind of like a dumb question, but the hold down force does not use the total length of the wall, but resisting moments would, as I see it anyway.


Can someone explain this to me?




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