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Re: Linux (was TEDDS)

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I dual boot into my machine which is XP Pro/ Fedora Core 5. I am a GNOME user and somehow prefer it over KDE. It has its quirks but thats what gives me the kicks.

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what 'flavour' of Linux are you using? I understand there are 'live' CD versions you can boot up with to try without mucking up Windows - have you tried any of these?



I have tried them, but I have been using Redhat -> Fedora for so long that I’m just comfortable with that. I have looked at some LiveCDs of several including Ubuntu.


In fact, for someone who is not settled on the idea of Linux or what distro to go with, I might recommend looking at the Ubuntu LiveCD. Ubuntu was specifically developed with the desktop user in mind.


I am using Fedora Core 5 with KDE as my desktop, and since I don’t mind “mucking about” with the innards (including actually ENJOYING using the Command Line) that one works great for me. But for those who really want things as easy as possible (e.g. Mac users), Ubuntu would probably be a good direction to go in.