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Re: Linux (was TEDDS)

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To those of you using Linux, have you abandoned AutoCAD, or do you just dual boot into it (what a big PITA that must be)?  I suppose I could see running the analysis software, which is also winXP, on a second machine and using a terminal window - assuming I could get performance something similar to the XPpro remote terminal app.  I've tried a couple of live CDs, mostly Knoppix flavors, and have installed slack once (gave up after a bad kernel recompile fiasco), but have been too busy to really pursue it full bore, especially in light of AutoDesk's staunch refusal to support Linux in any way.


Polhemus, Bill wrote:

I think Gnome is “okay” (it’s the default for Fedora Core 5 at bootup, I noticed), but I agree with Linux Torvalds himself, who said that he doesn’t like the “oversimplified” default setup for Gnome—I think he called the Gnome folks “interface Nazis.”


I just had a hard time finding all the “stuff” under Gnome, whereas KDE has everything thrown in there. I guess it can be confusing, but I’d rather have all the options available and pick what I want to do than have to hunt for something because it isn’t in there in the default.


For the curious: Gnome ( is considered more “MacOS like,” and KDE ( looks a bit more like Windows.


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I dual boot into my machine which is XP Pro/ Fedora Core 5. I am a GNOME user and somehow prefer it over KDE. It has its quirks but thats what gives me the kicks.





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