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RE: hold downs at perforated shear wall

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You need to download the paper by Philip Line, P.E. from the AWC website.  The equation for uplift at shear wall ends per the “Perforated Shear Wall Design” method uses the adjustment factor Co the same factor used for nailing.  The “Sum Li” part of the equation is the sum of the full height wall segments.


R=(Vh) / (Co x Sum Li)


Sum Li will be less than the length of the wall unless the wall has no openings, but then in that case you wouldn’t be using the “Perforated Shear Wall Design” method.


Joseph Grill, PE


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You don't "adjust the sum of the lengths of the..."


You use the full length of the wall as the moment resisting arm.  You only make adjustments with the table for shear nailing capacity.



I agree!!!!

Antonio S. Luisoni

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