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RE: Staad loading

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It appears from what you’ve listed below that your colleague has specified a uniform load of -.08 kip/ft (.040 ksf X 2 ft) on member #3 in the global Y direction (negative)…looks like you have 40 psf loading on a trib of 2’…


Hope this helps.





John T. Whitty, P.E.


From: Joe Grill [mailto:jgrill(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 2:13 PM
To: 'seaint'
Subject: Staad loading


A quick question for you staad fans, and probably a very easy one at that.


An engineer in one of our other offices is out on vacation.  He uses staad, where I don’t.  Anyway, a client of his has a question on some work he did, which I only have to verify the loading on the bottom chord of a truss.  The truss is a light pre-manufactured wood roof truss over a garage with an attic space.  The truss is going to be altered slightly and are at 24” spacing.  The client wishes to confirm that a 40psf load was used for the lower chord of the trusses.


I got the file from their office which included the staad output.  He used a load at the bottom chord as follows:




45 3 UNI GY -.08


I’m assuming that this is a 40 psf live load at 2’ centers which is 80 plf or .08 klf.  I’m pretty sure that is right, but just checking.



Joseph R. Grill, PE