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Re: Staad loading

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On May 23, 2006, at 5:58 PM, Joe Grill wrote:

Anyway, a client of his has a question on some work he did, which I only have to verify the loading on the bottom chord of a truss.  The truss is a light pre-manufactured wood roof truss over a garage with an attic space.  The truss is going to be altered slightly and are at 24” spacing.  The client wishes to confirm that a 40psf load was used for the lower chord of the trusses.
The soundest way to answer these questions is to run a statics check on the results. Calculate the applied loading and compare it to the computed foundation reactions. You can do the same thing with each story if you need to. If I had a dime for each load or boundary condition error I'd found this way I'd be able to hire people to post to mailing lists. Not that I'd do it, but I'd sure have the money to do it.

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