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Re: Evaluating Damaged Box Girder

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On May 24, 2006, at 2:57 PM, Peterson Brian A PSNS C900 wrote:

Are there specifications/references available to help determine if damage to a beam is acceptable or not? Specifically, we have a crane outrigger box girder with a dent on the side. The end users are questioning the need to pull the dent out as suggested by the crane supplier.
The problem with the dent is that it affects the stability of the cross-section. Whenever something gets bent once, it's never as strong after it's bent back into place. It's even worse when structural stability is the issue. I think it's crazy to pile a doubtful repair on top of all the abuse these machines get every day. The odds here are to cost of a new piece of structure against the the cost of an accident. Replace it.

Working at an industrial facility, other instances of damaged beams, columns, etc. do come up. Becoming better educated on means of evaluating these sort of things would be great as the conservative "it's no good" is always a hard sell.
Tell me about it… Usually these guys will at least listen if you're diplomatic about it. 'It's no good,' isn't an answer, it's a hipshot from some engineer geek who doesn't understand the situation. Until the one Friday afternoon, just before shift change, when the boom collapses without any warning when they were just doing what they've always done for 20 fuckin' years without a problem. ('I always knew that thing was a goddam piece of crap.')

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