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RE: Sag-rod effectiveness?

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I was always under the impression CFC's were invented to eliminate sag rods.
Oh well.


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Sag rods are designed only for tension. As long as the end connections and
the rod's cross section area can sustain the load in them, they should be


Sunil Thengale <Sunil_Thengale(--nospam--at)> wrote:              Dear
  For the cold formed purlins, I have seen in some projects that they have
used sag-rods which are prepared from slit coil waste-1.5mm thick and bent
to get a circular shape of 15-16mm dia, the joint being open say 2-3mm . The
ends of these sag rods have the clips (as in umbrella) to lock these rods in
purlins. How are these sag-rods compared to normal rods, angles etc?.  Are
they really effective? Any views will be highly appreciated.
  Best Regards,
  Sunil Thengale


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