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Re: Plated Wood Truss Responsibilities

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We have truss fabricators in this area that always provide a truss layout but steadfastly refuse to seal it even though they provide a seal on the individual truss designs.
Their explanation is that sealing the truss layout increases their liability exposure by seeming to prepare a plan.  They say that the truss layout provided is solely to indicate the location of the individual trusses that they have designed.
They maintain that they are only providing a component - similar to a bar joist- and all bracing design is to done by the EOR.  This is tough since we do not know where braces are required for their particular design until they have designed their trusses.  Often, we are out of the picture by then.
What do others do in this instance?  This discussion seems to fit practices around the country.
Dave Smith
Smith Associates
Gainesville, Georgia
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What I find (sadly) humorous is that if I'd offered full design services on the job, for what I will probably end up billing overall, I would most likely have not gotten the job. I like the architect personally, but he's pretty tight when it comes to getting outside engineering services. I  should say, in partial defense, that there are other large architectural firms in my area who just omit the engineering entirely and put "engineering by others" on their contract documents - at least this one calls for a bit of help when he's knows he's out of his depth.


What's really funny is that I'm good friends with one of the (non-PE) truss designers for this company, and he generally agrees that the whole TPI mess is, well, a bit of a mess.


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Is that a new marketing technique?   [ROTFL] 
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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