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termperature range resourse

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Where do I find recommended temperature ranges for structural design projects that may have significant thermal expansion?

I failed to find a guide in the ASCE7-05 since thermal expansion can be a load. It would seem reasonable that there should be an agreed standard of care map reference that contours maximum temperature ranges. Usually thermal expansion is to be considered for large roofs, roads, long sidewalks, and long walls. Is there a reference on how other properties affect the temperature ranges? Such as the possible parameters of: Geographic Location, Color, sun exposure, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal coef. of expansion, heat sink

I have a Sacramento Valley, 4" black plastic(HDPE),exposed pipe. I have started with an assume temperature range of 120 (+-60) degrees F. I suspect that when it is filled with liquid the temperature will remain near to what the liquid is. When empty it is more likely to expand in the sun and reduce with cold nights. Could it be that the maximum temperature range when exposed to the sun is higher? maybe 180 (+-90)

Load combinations are another mystery. Such as Snow loads and contraction. Maximum pipe expansion can only occur with a residual liquid weight, such as 10% of volume. A truss top chord against a hot roof and outside of the insulation barrier could produce a sag with a live load on the roof. Heat from fire could have differential expansions of columns.

David B. Merrick, Structural Engineer

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