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RE: Diaphragm

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Most likely not. I'm assuming the walls are concrete or steel braced frame.
Unless the metal deck has concrete fill, it will be considered flexible
diaphragm. See the UBC/IBC for the definition of Rigid Diaphragms and Flexible
Diaphragms. The deflection of the diaphragm would need to be less 2.5 times
the deflection of the vertical resisting elements of the lateral system
to consider it rigid and at best your would have a partially rigid diaphragm
but with those plan dimensions, you would need several interior lines of
lateral resistance and you must also be careful to make sure that your diaphragm
span ratios are not too great to violate whatever code your structure falls

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>Hello all,
>I have building of 107mx60m in plan size and maximum height of 17m.
>The roof is of seamless metal deck from Bemo USA or other manufacture.
>The metal deck is supported by open web joists. The maximum span of
>joists is 22m.
>Can I take this deck as rigid diaphtragm?.
>Thanks in advance,
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