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"Decoration Day" [WAS: Lag screws...]

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Subject: Lag screws in Microlam and Paralam

God bless all of the service men and women who gave their lives for our

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I actually had the occasion to shed a few tears over the weekend. Don't
know why, after all these years, this has really hit me as hard as it

First, I watched "Saving Private Ryan" on the TNT cable network Friday
night. The opening and closing scenes of that film are so moving, I can
hardly bear to watch.

Then, I watched the telecast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's "Music and
the Spoken Word," at the end of which they played a rendition of "Hymn
to the Fallen" by John Williams (the actual title of the theme to
"Saving Private Ryan"). During the music, they showed scenes from
Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknowns, the Vietnam
memorial (including "The Wall") and other sites dedicated to our war

That actually turned out quite embarrassing, as my wife happened on me
sitting there in the TV room, with the tears just streaming down. Hate
to cry in front of the wife.

Finally, I saw all the episodes of the miniseries "Band of Brothers"
which played one after the other on The History Channel on Sunday and
Monday. I had seen a couple of those some time ago, but never had the
opportunity to watch all of them. My sixteen year old daughter watched
them with me, and I was actually gratified to see what an impact it had
on her. She was quite in awe of the experiences of these men.

At the end of all this, I am left feeling humbled and - dare I say it -
quite UNWORTHY of the sacrifice made in my name as an American. These
are people who chose to risk their lives, and lost the bet, so that I
and so many others can sit around and watch television, or play golf, or
go see a movie, or play in the backyard with our children or
grandchildren, or the myriad small and insignificant things with which
we seem to fill up our days.

These men never had the chance to live complacent lives. Whether by
chance or by design, they followed the path to eternity out of the realm
of this mortality, some of them dying horribly and painfully,
frightened, calling for their mothers, but all of them doing so out of
the deliberate notion that there is something in this world worth dying

And they are still doing so, even today.

I do not believe I will ever be able to earn that sacrifice. I am
ashamed that I spend so much of my life in frivolous disregard of what I
have, that was purchased with blood and fire on the battlefield.

I have resolved to bear this more in mind, and make certain that in
future my life's choices are made with the deliberate knowledge that I
have the luxury of choice because others paid with their lives to give
it to me.

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