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RE: Adoption of 1997 UBC (was: [SPAM] Re: Column to Column via End Plate)

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First of all, sorry for not changing the subject line.


Now, to the point. If the code was changing, wouldn’t there be a push to get plans submitted prior to the adoption of a new code?


The reason I’m asking the question is that I’m having difficulty making an existing masonry wall work. Of course, I could be looking at it more conservatively than the original designer, but another possibility is that the original designer either did not design or understand (a phenomenon which was pretty common in the summer of ’99) the Bachman equations.




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Please keep in mind that the date on plans may have little relationship to the date they were submitted.  Although unlikely, plans dated 3/99 may have been sumitted after 7/1/99.  I sometimes have clients who sit on plans for months before submitting them--getting bids, or whatever.


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>From the Building Standards Commission website:
"The 1998 triennial edition of the California Code of Regulations, Title 24 (California Building Standards Code) applies to all occupancies that applied for a building permit on or after
July 1, 1999, and remains in effect until the effective date of the 2001 triennial edition."
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When was the 1997 UBC adopted in California?
The reason I’m asking is that I’m doing a remodel and the existing plans are dated 03/31/1999. I’m not sure if the masonry walls were designed to the 1997 UBC or the 1994 UBC.
T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.