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Re: Is ASCE Competing Against Us?

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Of more interest to me is who the panel consist of and how their contract
reads with ASCE and was ASCE in competition with commercial firms. It is not
unusual for ASCE to lead research with government agencies, with individuals
being paid through ASCE. However, as far as I am aware, these latter have
typically not been competitively bid.

James Cohen, PE
James Cohen Consulting, PC

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I guess I just find it odd that ASCE, which is a professional
organization, should be in the business of consulting on a project of
this type.

Yes, I realize they are supposed to be providing an "unbiased
third-party opinion" as to the feasibility of construction of this
tunnel. But is this part of ASCE's mission, to provide engineering
services--even as part of some "blue ribbon panel"?

While it may give cover to elected officials ("Look, I got the American
Society of Civil Engineers involved! How can you possibly hold me
accountable for anything that might happen?"), who after all are a
source of lucrative business for a great many firms of the type that
participate in ASCE, I don't see how anyone else benefits.

I found it odd, and wonder if anyone else thinks so.

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