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RE: Is ASCE Competing Against Us?

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Subject: RE: Is ASCE Competing Against Us?

I made a "positive" assumption that it was NOT a paid effort, but rather
ASCE "volunteering" to help cause I generally thing positive things of
ASCE (except when you start to talk about their whole Master's degree as
the first professional degree push). It appears that you made a
"negative" assumption that it was a paid effort due to what appears to
be your somewhat negative (from my perspective at least) view of ASCE.
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That's a fair assessment of my first-blush reaction, I'll admit. I'll
also admit that, although I have respect for certain ASCE participants
like Stan Caldwell, in general I have great disdain for ASCE, seeing
them as yet another professional society that has become a
"Frankenstein's Monster," growing larger and stronger than the sum of
its constituent parts and lurching off into the foggy night with an
agenda of its own.

(I guess you can picture me as a peasant with a torch, in that case.
Definitely a peasant).

I first became disenchanted with ASCE when I saw a television news clip
of some ASCE officers testifying before Congress on the need for "more,
lots more" money for this and that public works project. It just seemed
to me that the emphasis was on quantity of dollars to spread around to
the consultants that comprise much of ASCE's constituency rather than on
what the SOCIETY of civil engineers could do to make things better.

I repeat: I don't consider myself altruistic. We all need to make a
living. But the time has long past since government at all levels became
an ever-flowing source of more and more largesse to dole out to all
these disparate interests. We all talk about "sharing the pain" of
trimming the government budget, but that guy over there should go first;
what WE are doing needs an INCREASE in funding!

You may recall my commentary on the NSBA's crowing about getting their
share of pork--errr--"earmarks" in that execrable transportation bill
last year:

My loathing continues.

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