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Re: Steel Plate

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On Jun 1, 2006, at 4:01 PM, Tom Skaggs wrote:

Why would one use an AISI plate over an ASTM Plate?
One wouldn't. Ever. AISI specs are chemistry only--no processing requirements, no minimum mechanicals, no toughness requirements. Moreover 1040 is a medium carbon steel and has too much carbon to be welded using ordinary structural welding practices. The ASME Code has specific prohibitions against welding steel with a carbon content above 0.35%. This may may considered too picky for building design by some, but I'd remind you that there weren't any pressure vessel connection failures in LA from the Northridge quake.

OK that's a bit smug of me, even if it is factual. Your steel supplier may be doing his best, but he needs to know that you want what you ordered--if he can't supply it you'll go elsewhere. Above all A-572 and AISI 1040 are not the same things.
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