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GL beam strengthening

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If deflection is an issue, you might want to consider lag screws instead of
through bolts to connect the two beams. With the allowance for oversize
holes, you'll get 1/32" or more slip before load sharing begins.



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From: "Joe Grill" <jgrill(--nospam--at)>
To: "'seaint'" <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Subject: GL beam strengthening

A client has installed a glue-lam beam of the incorrect size (too = small).
The beam installed is a 6 =BE=94 x 12=94 GL. It is early enough in the =
project to do a fix, but they don=92t want to remove and replace. I have
sized an additional GL to be installed next to and bolted to the existing
bm. = The new beam is 16 =BD=94 deep. The original beam is bearing on top of
a = masonry wall, therefore the new beam can=92t bear on top of the wall due
to the = deeper section. The original beam can take all the shear by itself,
but just barely. The new beam takes about 60% of the load. Bolting along the
= beam is designed to transfer that 60% across the joint. If I cut the new
beam = off at the face of the wall can I provide bolting at the end of the
new beam = to transfer its 60% back into the 12=94 deep beam? Or, am I
missing = something?

This would be the easiest installation, then I don=92t have to design = any
hangers at the wall.


Joseph R. Grill, P.E. (Structural)
Shephard - Wesnitzer, Inc.
Civil Engineering and Surveying

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