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RE: Test (fwd)

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> SEAINT uses Majordomo Lists which I believe are one of the oldest.

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Yeah, Majordomo was pretty much "abandoned" some time back. There were
extensive efforts to make a "2.0" version of it over time, but I don't
think it ever happened. Majordomo was never a part of the "open source"
community (IIRC it was developed commercially but a "free" license was
granted for use in small installations), and it just got overtaken by
events. (Mj, as it was fondly called, was simply a set of Perl scripts
with an executable file written in "C" as the central processor).

Mailman and others are much more up-to-date and (as Dennis implies) more
secure, not to mention they are being actively developed as an
open-source project.

(FWIW, Majordomo was my first "success" running 'net server software
under Linux on my old 486 machine way back in 19-mumblemumble.)

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