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Good to hear from you Joe

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Good to hear from you.  I recognized your name on some of those emails.
Married life is great.  Last night for Maggie's birthday we went up into the local mountains, parked along the Angeles Crest Highway and walked to a majestic point overlooking the top of the Arroyo Seco for a picnic at sunset.  It was beautiful up there.  We toasted her birthday and watched the sun set surrounded by wildflowers.  We got above this marine layer we've been having here in LA every day for a month now.  You're probably not getting this morning fog out in Palm Springs.  June gloom we like to call it.
There was a film crew filming with a chopper on the highway down below us last night and I'm pretty sure they got our picnic on film as they flew over us once or twice.  That was kind of interesting to watch from above.  Most of it was out in the canyon and below us.
So did you pass the SE the first time?  I still haven't pledged the time to study for six months.  My current distraction is trying to get my roof rebuilt with plywood sheathing and new shingles.  And how is J&N working out for you?
Send me an email at home.  I'd like to give you a call.  Thanks,
Dave Gaines
(626) 794-4117  home
(626) 410-3631  cell
gainesengr at earthlink dot net
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Consider yourself shot....
So how is married life treating you both ?
Did you try part of the test in april this year ?
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA