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Re: Good to hear from you Joe

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Sorry Fellas,
I'm new to this forum.  I guess I was hoping that when I hit "REPLY" I was just emailing Joe.  That's the way two of my other forums work, Desert SkyDivers and the Sandeaters scuba group.
You guys sound like you'd be a lot of fun to pop open a beer with.  Lot's of laughs all around.
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Yes!  As the (engineering) world turns ....        :)

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I wanna hear about Joe’s trip to Seattle!
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Um, you guys realize that you're replying to each other on the list, right?

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I am always looking for new employees...nobody wants to go rural these folks only. I thought you were doing that roof last year but I know how slow home improvements go if you do them yourself..........but much cheaper cost.


The part of June gloom we get is the wind...or as they say Blythe sucks (local joke but approiate)


My wife and I are going to Seattle for a week  tomorrow.


Almost always behind at the office.  When I get back it will be a day of moving furniture and thining files.


Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA