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Re: HSS column splice

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I performed site review on one project with a lot of tall HSS columns, that had splices. Several of the HSS did not match due to rolling tolerances and, consequently, they were as much as 1/4" out of alignment. As I wasn't the designer, I can't say what the response was; I just brought it to their attention. On another job, we had to use full penetration welds and we used a welder qualified to pipe work who gave us full pen joints with no back-up bar.

Joe Grill wrote:
I'm doing a column splice detail. I'm told that lengths over 20' in a 5x5 tube steel aren't available around here. The splice will be just above a floor diaphragm, and I will be able to block the column into the floor framing pretty well. I’m considering using a sleeve from a section of HSS that is larger than the column section.

Anyway, will an HSS 5x5 fit inside an HSS 5.5x5.5x1/4 sleeve? Has anybody else out there done this?


Joseph R. Grill, P.E. (Structural)

Shephard - Wesnitzer, Inc.

Civil Engineering and Surveying


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